Sam’s Clan

At this time we have no idea of why Sam was at Chatham Barracks on subsistence before being transferred to the NSW Corp.

Perhaps he had been “caught” by one of the recruiting Press gangs and transferred to London.

The 36th Regiment had its headquarters in London at this time. The Regiment was in India and possibly recruits from around the country were sent here to eventually be sent out to India.

At the same time, Major Grose, who had been ordered to form the NSW Corp, was under pressure to get the Corp up to strength as the 2nd Fleet was due to sail in the very near future.

We know from War Office Records that recruits for the Corp had to be over 5 feet 4½ inches tall and over 16 years & under 30 years old.

We also know that Sam was Attested by Capt Hill, but it seems that all Attestation papers for the NSW Corp have been lost which means we have no idea where or when Sam was born.